Qualifications & Credentials

Qualifications & Credentials

  • Consultation services are provided by a helium network professional. Consulting experience/background with the most well-known helium hotspot consulting services (Gristle King Inc and
  • In-depth knowledge of network operations from Proof of Coverage to different HIPs, you’ve got questions? I’ve got the answers.
  • Specialized treatment with direct email/discord/telegram support for up to 30 days at a time (dependent on service selection).
  • Discounts on highly sought-after items such as McGill Microwave Antennas courtesy of Fiz-Tech, Rockland Technologies, and data-alliance. Along with dedicated client discount codes.
  • Dedicated discord community to collaborate with like-minded HNT miners. Free for all to join, tiered roles will allow access to separate paid content.
  • Hotspotty Discord Team Member: Get updates and first look into how you could incorporate Hotspotty with your deployments and business.
  • Official Bobcat Miner Community Discord Moderator/Mentor: Get instant access to the escalation of your bobcat contact forms (support tickets). Plus exclusive links/access to community tools like
  • RAKStars Discord “OG”: Source some of the best information here for RAK troubleshooting, and feel free to reach out to me especially if it seems like a widespread issue among other server patrons.
  • Community Tool Service Provider: has a couple of pros lined up ready to take on any question you may have along with troubleshooting any given situation. We mainly focus on port forward assistance while teaching you how to troubleshoot and diagnose similar issues in the future.
  • PoCv11 Specialist and HIP17 Tactician: Deep dive into the intricacies of the network with someone who has spent countless hours researching information and correcting old information daily. We will get you sorted out when it comes to optimizing your Transmit Scale, helping you understand how the system operates and affects all users of the network with the community tool Hotspot.

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