Helium Network Consulting Sessions

Relayed Miner / Port Forward Troubleshooting

1 on 1 Phone / Video Call with one of our Hotspot Technician Expert (up to 1 hour).

48hr - 96hr Follow up email confirming your miner is out of relayed status. We help you get your miner out of "relayed" status and earning 10-15% more $HNT. Add hotspot port through your home network.

Important Notes:

All Modems, Routers, ISPs, all vary with each user. Your experience may vary and will take tactile expertise to solve your unique situation.

The Helium Network works on it's own accord and your helium hotspot may show it is in relayed status even if not, this is something that will be corrected within the shift to the implementation of Light Hotspots.

You will be emailed a scheduling invitation link once payment is complete where you can select the appropriate time & date that suits you the most.

Please allow up to 24 hours to be provided a consultation scheduling link upon payment. If you have any questions please contact this email [email protected]

$100.00 Per Hour

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